About Us

Established in 2006, with its headquarters in Singapore, Sparky Animation is an accomplished animation production and content development company, which is renowned for its capability in co-production, work-for-hire and creation of original Intellectual Properties.

Sparky Animation has proven to be highly efficient and competent in delivering outsourced animation projects. Besides production, Sparky Animation is also in the business of Programme Distribution and Licensing & Merchandising of Media Properties.

We have been producing truly high-quality shows that are augmented by our proprietary technology and pipeline management systems for animation production, which allows us to attain shorter production time at more competitive costs. Many shows have been produced this way and some are already being or soon to be aired on the world’s best broadcasters such as PBS (USA), Disney (UK), TVO, NBC, ABC (Australia), TVNZ (New Zealand), TVO, YTV and CBC (Canada), Dubai TV, France 5, KBS (Korea) and many others. The shows include co-production projects such as Dinosaur Train and Mr Moon, outsourced service projects such as Doc McStuffins, Freej and Henry Hugglemonster, Direct-to-DVD features like Veggie Tales: Huckleberry Larry & Tomato Sawyer’s Big River Rescue, and even series’ for TV and the Internet namely, Freej Quiz Show: The Book of Riddles.

Season 5 of Freej has also been completed for broadcast on Dubai TV by September 2013. Our studio has also worked on the previous 2 seasons of Freej; one of the most successful animated shows in the Middle East.